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Welcome to the Robson Family Tree Website

Welcome to everyone who is reading this website. It has been my life's ambition to research my family history. However, it didn't really take off until the last 10 years when and findmypast came on-line thus making it easier to research my family tree and of course cheaper (less traveling). My family tree is published on, please do take a look. At present there are only just over 800 names which is small in comparison to many trees, but my main interest is to get back as far as I can on my paternal side then branch out over time. Excuse the pun!

My name is Ewan Robson and since my enthusiasm and my bank balance took over it has been a roller coaster ride of excitement and disappointment. I haven't found anything that would excite "Who do you think you are" but there are a few interesting t ales.

The Robson name has been synonymous with sheep stealing across the borders of England and Scotland, and of course, occasionally partaking of the female Scot. But since then I hope we have become a little more civilised. This site is mainly for my own enjoyment but hopefully to get other people enthused about their own family history. Although a relative novice I am happy to share in my experiences and knowledge.

Complete List of Names - I have added all the names of my family tree and will in time make reference to them either by photo or story.

Other Family Tree Websites - During my time researching my family tree I have met people who have also set up their own websites. Please have a look.

Photo Album- The Photo Album will be password protected as it will hold living relatives. If you wish access to these please request a user name and password stating your reasons and I will consider your request.

Family links - These are services we can offer and include training packages and consultancy concentrating on the "Art of Communication".

If you wish to be added to my website or linked to it via joint interests, again contact me with the relevant information and I will consider your request.

Contact me -

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